Let The Church Say Amen

I am sure we all agree that 2020 has been quite the year, with its biggest bombshell being the COVID-19 pandemic. We just weren’t ready. We weren’t. This pandemic came and affected every sector, and religious bodies weren’t spared. 

Truth be Told

In this new series, we tackle some difficult topics as Selorm, a young Gen Z believer with a bucket load of legitimate questions about modern Christianity and its operation in the world today, offloads some of his deepest inquiries on his father who must now lead his son along the path of truth, through his own experience, study, and the Spirit of Wisdom’s leading

Prepare for the Marathon

In 490BC, Pheidippides, ran from the city of Marathon to Athens, a total of approx. 26.2 miles, to deliver a high priority message. Unfortunately, he died after delivering it. His death on arrival can be attributed to lack of preparation for the long haul! He had his mind set on his goals, met them, but did not have life to reap their benefits. Are you prepared for the marathon ahead?

The Perfect Man & The Storm

We can no longer be children, especially now that we are needed (expected) to be the mature believers, teaching those who are being blown away and tossed by the winds of doctrine (the indoctrination of the world)! Can you feel the winds blowing? Standards falling, mindsets shifting, compromise and worldliness increasing, holiness fading…? A Storm is coming, the kind only the Perfect man can stand!

Responding to Perfect Storms

We are works in progress; we are mature (perfect) in some areas of our lives but in many other areas we are not. In our current unfinished states we may be able to weather certain minor storms, and we mostly do that. But in the face of a perfect storm, only the Perfect man Jesus can lead us through!


The life of Samuel the prophet  is one filled with numerous lessons. His  birth, life and ministry were undoubtedly willed by God to meet a specific need in Israel and by extension the kingdom of God. Though easy to glance over these lessons in our own lives, it is important to subscribe to these workings of God if we will fulfill purpose like he did.

The Beast of Passion

The man of God must learn to bridle his passions. They may at one point be a ravaging fire that propels him to pursue the will of God with unfettered resolve, and at another point, be a destructive fire that ravages His morals and causes Him to plummet from the Mt. Qodesh; the Holy Heights to which he has attained. Have you bridled your beast?

We Will Conquer 

Critically observing happenings in the world lately, we see issues of lust and sex becoming normalized through different channels especially the media; but before we think the battle is lost, we need to see Jesus at work and all the ways he has made to ensure that WE WILL CONQUER.

The Throne the World Promises 

The promises of the world are like these things – they seem so awesome and life-giving when you first believe them and they may even make you happy for a little while, but eventually, they get worn out, irrelevant and you have no use for them! Instead, God’s Word points us to put our hope in something much longer lasting..

Be Still & Know 

The sheep is tempted at every point to trust his instincts! What if the shepherd doesn’t come on time? By sight we see the dark clouds gather over us, we see within the thorns, pasture that seems greener than what we’ve got – but by faith we must wait for the Shepherd to return; it may make no sense now, but our Shepherd still says “Beloved, Be still and Know!”…

Mirror Mirror 

For many of us, there’s a great divide between who we know ourselves to be, and who God (in his Word) declares us to be. We look in our mirrors and know that beneath our smiles and halos, there’s some dirt and some infirmity, yet the Bible declares righteousness and victory are already our portion: is there a reconciliation between the two? …

The Greatest Deception of our time (Pt. 1) 

Even as we know that there is a good God working out His Eternal agenda on our behalf, we also know there is a great deceiver who has purposed to kill, steal and destroy! Though the Bible declares that we are not ignorant of the devices of the enemy, is it possible that the enemy has slithered in & planted a great deception right in the Vineyards of our life?…

3 Insights into Purpose

Everything happens, is so, and exists for one reason- God.  We falter when we live like the world revolves around us, but, when we see Him who is enthroned at the centre, then we can take our place in the circle of life…

TEX 2018: Coming Into Purpose 

What a night!! Before the final act was done, the rich array of Spirit-inspired music, art, concepts, characters & costumes had enlightened us,  schooled us in “Coming into Purpose”, and taken our breath away…

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