The man of God must learn to bridle his passions. They may at one point be a ravaging fire that propels him to pursue the will of God with unfettered resolve, and at another point, be a destructive fire that ravages His morals and causes Him to plummet from the Mt Qodesh; the Holy Heights to which he has attained. 

He must call on the Lord to fashion for him the bit that fits perfectly into the mouth of his passions. He must saddle that beast and hold tightly to the reins lest it runs freely whither so it wills. The horse of passion is both majestic and fearful. Ah look at the beauty of its mane... The clippity-clop of its hooves on the streets of your purpose oh man of God! T'is the sight to behold!

But do not be so awestruck that you forget to do the needful. Your beast of passion must be broken... Yes, broken I said!

It must be saddle- broken so it may carry you far and fast on your journey in pursuit of the will of God, for surely you did not expect to travel that great distance devoid of her, did you? You would no sooner have started the journey than you would find yourself wearied and flustered.

Your beast must be harness-broken so that it may pull your cart, for your journey is long and you carry along with you provisions to sustain you on your way. Oh glad you will be that your beast of passion is with you, for that cart will certainly not pull itself, yet everything in there is needful for your survival. Do what you must oh Man of God!

Do not forget to halter-break her also... Remember your journey is long and tedious, and you cannot always run. You must at certain times walk. If you do not halter-break her, she will not know to walk obediently by your side. She will take off in a great flight and leave you stranded. You may reach your destination ultimately, but without your beast of passion, it will take you significantly longer to do so.

Bridle your passions oh man of God! For they are neither friend nor foe... only what you make them.

~Dr. Eric Agyemfra.


Dr. Agyemfra is a medical officer currently serving in Accra. He is a leader and actor in Teleios Inc. He is  a passionate teacher, prophet and evangelist.