Our Annual Theatre Event

🦋Teleios Event ❌

The third edition of Teleios Event X comes off this July! The past two events have been refreshing, enlightening and altogether Sprit-filled with powerful music- theatre and art ministrations; and we're expecting nothing less as we gather for the third edition in this seventh year! A Storm is Coming!                           Are you ready?

🦋What is Teleios Event ❌

Teleios Event X (TEX)  is the annual official Teleios worship concert featuring several connected theatre acts ranging through drama, music, dance, spoken word, poetry, and various combination of these. All the acts are geared towards ministering a thorough understand of a singular (yet multifaceted) theme, that ultimately everyone who is present at the event will leave changed.
Why Event X?
After Co-hosting events and ministering on a number of platforms based on various themes, Teleios Incorporated in 2017 made a decision to hold the full theatre package in one amazing event!
The name itself places an exclamation on this event! Event X is yearly set out to be different from the very start: structured to have a specific holistic impact on all who attend, and not just a momentary experience.
There are numerous Christian events out there, and we are not just here to add to the number! Event X is marked X, to be an event with a difference!
What makes TEX exceptional?
Generally, theatre ministrations have been associated to comedy and unedifying theatrics; a myth that we have been busting from day one! Teleios Inc. is a strong theatre ministry, founded by Grace, on the word, and with a track record of sensational spirit filled ministrations. Our combinations of the various art forms and our captivating concepts have an effect on our audiences - moreover, the tangible enabling of the Spirit empowers us to really touch our audiences. This is the X-factor! Our programme has been arranged to have a uniquely connected flow with rich music and art.
What is the theme?
Our theme varies yearly as we are led by the Spirit. Our theme for 2017 was "THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM" which speaks of how the return to a reverential fear of God will restore us to a life of wisdom and sanity as opposed to all the senselessness and irrationality we see. Man has lost a grip on wisdom because he has lost reverence for God.
Our theme for 2018 was "COMING INTO PURPOSE" which speaks of the focus of each of our lives and the direction which purpose gives us. In 2019 we're hitting it off with "THE PERFECT MAN & THE STORM" as we tell the saints to get ready and go on to perfection, cos' only thus can we stand the coming Storm!
What should you expect from TEX?
Expect the extraordinary! Everything is going is to be new, original, beautiful, exciting and Spirit inspired. Our focus is to load our event with the right proportions of the right stuff; and the hours spent at event X will edify you, blow your mind and stir your spirit!
You can safely put an ❌ on the last week of July on your calendar yearly! Teleios Event X is here!