The Grace Experience

Category: Drama, Music, Poetry, Dance

Themes: Justification, Grace, Access to God

Originally Ministered at: Overflow Inc. Concert

Synopsis: The people of the Old Testament had no access into the depts of God's presence; The Holy of Holies - and even their High Priest who mediates between them and God only enters once a year - and with an offering of blood. Upon the cry of His People, the Lord Christ by death and resurrection rips the Veil that separates in two, granting the desperate worshippers access and entry to God!

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Hell Verse

Category: Drama

Themes: Salvation, Judgement, Repentance

Originally Ministered at: TeX

Synopsis:   Jack, a rich young man at the prime of his life, as he lay in his bed planning his beautiful successful life, passes away that very night and wakes up in Hell. This drama takes us down to a fiery place where we see Jack chained, confused as to where he is and why he is there. From the shadows two figures appear: a dark, hooded character and a beautiful lady who it seems does not belong there. Jack does not recognise the woman. And why would he? She is Wisdom and he ignored her on Earth whenever she called out to him. As Jack desperately seeks a second chance, Satan reveals himself and tells Jack of how his double life and standards won him a deserving spot in hell. This is a cautionary tale with a compelling message to all believers; one which must not be taken lightly.

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Romeo & Juliet

Category: Cantata

Themes: Wisdom, Love, Suicide,

Originally Ministered at: TeX I

Synopsis: In this Christian take on the popular romance-tragedy, Juliet who is enraptured in a romantic relationship literally encounters Jesus at the well and realises that everything including her relationship must be under God's authority. The Devil eventually tricks Romeo that he has lost Juliet to another lover - Jesus and deceives him into eating a poisoned apple . Juliet, heartbroken by the demise of her lover has a choice to face, either to die after Romeo or live for Christ without her beloved Romeo.

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Precious In His Sight

Category: Choreography, Poetry, Drama

Themes: Grace, Redemption, Repentance, Overcoming addiction

Originally Ministered at: TeX

Synopsis: Precious is stuck in a loop of Sin and encounters the redemptive power of God. Upon her decision to change, she faces a specific lust - the sin she most feared yet most desired, and fears this fall has taken her off the radar of God. However as her sin grows into death, she (by divine insight) comes to the realisation that she's still the apple of God's eye and very much in His sight. As she calls on Jesus for salvation, an angel is deployed to fight on her behalf and break the chains of bondage that held her bound.

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The Veil Of 1959

Category: Drama, Cantata

Themes: Grace, Forgiveness, Access to God, Justification

Originally Ministered at: Eden of Worship

Synopsis: This drama is staged in a unisex salon in 1959 in the then capital Cape Coast. The workers have neither relationship nor peace after they have wronged their boss, Mr. Augustus Nyame, whose office is cut off from their workspace by a Veil. Only the lead woman is allowed to enter once a month to render account or even talk to Mr. Nyame, until he hires a new manager, His Son; Emmanuel Nyame who through a series of exciting events and revelations leads them all to the truth beyond the Veil!

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The Beginning Of Wisdom

Category: Drama, Spoken Word

Themes: Wisdom, Sovereignty, Surrender

Originally Ministered at: TeX

Synopsis:  The Queen of Sheba’s beauty, Pharaoh’s power and Sampson’s strength come face to face with God and his Wisdom (Which is personified as a fair graceful woman). As they illustrate their great qualities, their failings are pointed out to them as they realise how much the wisdom of God would have made a difference in their tales. Only God is wise and together with Wisdom He draws out a tapestry illustrating the need for wisdom and points out to all, that the fear of the Lord is indeed the beginning of wisdom!

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Purpose Prevails

Category: Drama, Music

Themes: Purpose, Evangelism, Impact

Originally Ministered at: TeX II

Synopsis: Dave is an upcoming Christian singer and songwriter working on his new project about purpose. He seeks out professional help from his Uncle Ben, who manages a recording studio. Through his work at the studio, he meets the regular crew who record there and as their influences collide, the issue of purpose becomes more real to each of them in a unique way. Even before the song is complete, it's impact can't be denied, regardless, none of them has the faintest clue what God ultimately has planned. 

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Return to Eden

Category: Drama, Cantata

Themes: Purity of heart, Reconciliation, True Worship

Originally Ministered at: Eden I

Synopsis: In this medley of Bible stories, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel migrate to live in Egypt in Potiphar's estate, as a famine strikes after their expulsion from Eden. In Egypt, they run into Joseph, Abraham and Isaac who invite them to a fellowship meeting being held by Jesus. Pharaoh is on a mission to end the fellowship before his captives dare to have hope, and with the assistance of Potiphar's wife, they are able to hold Jesus captive and set out to kill him, not knowing that all their actions are leading to the very end Jesus predicted; the return of the children of God to Eden!

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