Permit me to share with you a few pages of my dairy, 

Those pages are home to some of my most interesting experiences 

They are witness, so in the courts of your minds grant me audience 

Your honours 

Those pages are asylum to my brokenness, 

Those pages are a camp where my most exiled thoughts find home 

Those pages have been refuge-GEE-OH-D knows 

Those pages, I recite them to him often 

Those pages..

As I humbly await my Boaz, I’ve come across some ruthless men

Men like chauffeurs driven by their desires; in a hot pursuit of she, whom they believe had their rib,

Men like actors, who WILL promise you WASHINGTON, DC to Marvel you but have no relationship with the Script writer above 

Men like swimmers, who will dive into your inbox like it’s the Olympics and can’t even survive the heat of good questioning and logical reasoning 

Men like soldiers, who are so good at wearing their camouflage 

These pages..

They’ve seen them all!

From the really good guy who couldn’t really speak to

The guy who could really speak who wasn’t really good

And I know my ladies can relate 

Somewhere in our minds, we have those pages..

Those pages 

Not too long ago,

I met a young man who per my marking, was doing alright till he asked me if I believed in love at first sight

A regular me would have made that slide 

But someway somehow that was a power point

It just presented itself to me as the perfect opportunity 

I questioned his questioning and sadly it exposed the flaws in his reasoning 

Sad stor(e)y

I asked him back, “what is love?” and after hours of struggling to say something wise 

The atmosphere bears me witness, I relieved him of the pressure 

See, it’s difficult to define one you don’t know 

So I had to let brother man go

For he knew not, he knew nought! 

i knew love! 

I knew the one above

Do I believe in love at first sight? Maybe 

But that doesn’t sound like my God 

He loved me before light 

He loved me before bright

He loved me before day or night 

He loved me before creation 

Matter of fact, he loved me so he did creation.

He loved me in-spite of my flaws, 

In spite of pimples and acne,

And I’m not speaking physical,

He sees deep

Yet to the seas deep, from the skies high 

He takes delight in watching over me 

I’m his main event and side attraction 

He loves me 

I fill his mind like the letters m-i-n-d

He notices my hair 

Scratch that, he knows the numbers on my head

When I speak, I know I’m heard 

He’s awake, when I go to bed 

And it’s beautiful to know, I am led 

By one greater than everything summed up 

His words are sweeter than honey 

He calls me royalty, I’m Queen, b

He loves me to death,

To standing up for me when the accuser comes in,

He loves me to forgiveness of my wrongs, past, present and 

my future ...

Is in his hands 

For what can slip when God holds it

What can fall when His might upholds it 

What can escape his view

Father, who can love like You

He loves me to Calvary,

To 40 lashes save one to save one 


He loves me when things are rosy like February 14th 

He loves me when things are awfully thorny 

His love is constant, my actions may vary from time to time 

I am Conscious of the truth that irrespective of what I do or what I say 

Of whether I read or pray 

His love for me remains 

God won’t love me less, God won’t love me more 

God loves me with His all

And it’s His love for me that causes me to do what I do 

I don’t pray to make Him love me, I pray because I am loved by Him 

I don’t read His word to make Him love me, I read his Word to experience his already existing love for me 

I am loved by the embodiment of love 

The one above.


Poem by Dennis Dela Tsagli,

Teleios Inc.